Three Reasons to Outsource Live Chat

Three Reasons to Outsource Live Chat

It is no longer face to face or the phones primary forms of communication; Now it is usually done via text. It is only natural for these people to want to use a similar form of communication when they research or shop online. The text type of communication is a way for businesses to reach a growing population of consumers, and its called Live Chat.

Having a live chat on a website increases the likelihood that consumers spend more time on the site and reach the target, ie. to make a purchase. The question then is how can you implement live chat on a website that is both cost-effective and delivering results? The answer is to outsource chat to a partner who is an expert on this unique customer service. Below are three reasons to post live chat.

Dedicated and specialized agents. By using an outsourced partner, companies can rely on dedication to this feature. Unlike call centers where agents can answer phones, reply to emails and other correspondence, outsourced chat teams are usually dedicated to just taking chat. This allows the agent to be an expert in the chat area. The more chats they take for a business, the more knowledgeable about the products and services they become.

Whats worse than not having live chat on a website? Have a live chat, but no one can answer when a visitor needs help. When this happens, most consumers will simply leave the site and go elsewhere. Outsourcing Live Chat to a partner helps to ensure that no visitor is ever unattended. A live chat response service always has a team available 24 × 7, with agents that can take multiple chats simultaneously. Did you know that most agents can process about 800 chats a month?

Cost-effectiveness and immediate results. The cost of employees is usually one of the highest expenses in an organization. Its not just the cost of pay but recruitment, employment costs, office space, equipment and the infrastructure needed to support them. Chat outsourcing partner focuses on the management section, which allows the business to focus on chat results and define what kind of experience you want your visitors to have through chat.

The cost of the outsourced chat team should not be perceived as an expense but as an investment. Chat is something that gives instant returns, and depending on the profit margin for the product or service, it can pay for yourself in a few successful chats or even a successful chat. The return on outsourcing chat services is hundreds of percent.

Chat operators are not just customer service. Although there will be similarities in these two, a good customer service rep does not necessarily make a good chat operator. In most call centers, software is designed for the agents to do as little as possible to reduce the average talk time. Communication is obviously verbal, so its easy to understand what the caller needs and easily convey a friendly and helpful tone.

In chat, all communication is handled by typing, so the agent must write quickly, use correct grammar, punctuation and spelling. They need to do this while meeting the visitors needs, convey a friendly and helpful tone and do it on time. For chats, most questions are generic and can be predicted. These are common questions that are important for managing chat teams to help visitors. The longer agents earn a website, the more knowledgeable they become.

Art and science of Live Chat. There is so much going on implementing a good chat platform on a website. The design of buttons, placements and how to use proactive invitations are just a few factors. Believe it or not, its not the same for each business type. You need to understand the audience as you try to engage and tailor every part of the chat to reach the largest number of consumers. Fonts, colors, timing and flow of proactive invitations are critical. And we have not even begun talking about team training and make sure the chat agent is fluent in the product or service.

A good outsourcing partner will understand these components, constantly review statistical data for each company and make adjustments to call the best results. In conventional customer service, there is no control over anyone calling the call center. But with chat, there are ways to help the visitor to chat. This can be very tricky. It can not be too aggressive and turn the visitor away, but it can not be so passive to get engaged in chat.

Live chat is undoubtedly an excellent way to improve customer service, provide leading generation and improve sales. Outsourcing this service is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses, with typical return on investment in hundreds of percent.

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